The Broken Heart Series Project started off as a healing project for myself. I was in an extremely rough patch in life. Lost, broken, and had a lot that I needed to heal from. I decided I would start illustrating what I was going through to help me heal.

As I was telling friends about my idea, they started sharing their stories which inspired me to use this project to bring awareness to the world and help those out there who are hurting and may think there is no way out. I want to help them realize that they can get through whatever it is they are going through. I want people to understand that there are too many people in this world who are hurting inside and don’t know what to do. It is up to us to help, to be there for one another, to realize the seriousness of pain so that we may stop pushing those aside who really need a smile, a hug, kind words, advice, etc.

I hope that as people see this series unfold and read other peoples stories, that they can encourage one another to keep fighting to the end. To never give up. I like to remind myself daily that “This too shall pass, bad things never last.”

This project is meant to be broken down into 3 chunks. The first is pain, second is the in between ( the roller-coaster of hurting and healing) and the third is overcoming the pain and being healed. I would love to hear your story. Whether you are currently still in the first phase of pain, in the process of healing, or can yell victory of being finally healed!

You can draw, write, record or express your story in any way you’d like. Then please share it with me so I can share it with the world. Your story can help so many people!

And this is how the #BrokenHeartSeries Project began! 

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