Unexpected moments…

I have met some pretty amazing people throughout my life and it’s all been through circumstances I would never have imagined.

I met @ken10hollywood at a Valentines Day Event about one year ago today. We passed out roses to the elderly and chatted with them. It was such an amazing experience. Hearing words of wisdom from men and women who have lived a long life.

After the event was over, Kendra extended her home out to me to allow me to kill some time before my 2 hour drive back home. She had and still has one of the biggest and kindest hearts i know! I was a complete stranger, yet we connected and ended up talking for hours. And guess what? We’ve been friends ever since, visiting each other time and time again.

You truly don’t know if the next person you sit down to have a conversation with will be your next friend, supporter, partner, significant other, etc. So take the time to get to know people and be open to have unexpected conversations because you’ll never know where it will lead you.
Hope you all take the day today to love on others but most importantly to love on yourselves. ♥️♥️

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