Feelings from today’s date with my parents…

Every week, on my days off of work, I dedicate one of the days for my parents, or sometimes I dedicate both days to them. My parents had a very long journey in life, yet they’re both some of the strongest and most dedicated people in my life. I usually take them to their favorite spot to have brunch and coffee, or I find new places to explore with them. Other days, I bring them to visit family/friends.

Today was my day off and I spent all day with my parents. I will tell you how they made me feel today… I thought, “no matter what, they’re destined to be together til the last day on earth, and I fucking love that!”

I have learned that one day, whoever it is I will be with, I must always be myself, they will either accept me or deny me. Someone will accept my silliness, my awkwardness, my flaws, my imperfections, and my best at everything else…

I’ve learned not to hurt someone’s feelings with my words, or at least I try not to, (I apologize if I’ve ever hurt you in any way).

I will always give it my all, if they’re worth loving and caring for,(especially for family and friends). You’re probably asking, what’s worth loving/caring for? Everyone may define that differently, but I think of someone who is thoughtful, caring, loving, and kind. It is someone who accepts you for you and is kind to others, not just to themselves. It can be someone who cares for others other than themselves… who goes out of their way to help another being, even if it something small.

I will commit 100% and never walk away from someone/situation, unless it can’t be fixed (but, I’m a believer that any situation is fixable with effort from both parties).

I’ve learned to love and to care endlessly. (It’s what makes me feel alive!)

I’ve also learned that time can stop unexpectedly. I check on my parents everyday, I call/visit family and friends whenever possible. I have also been living the way I’ve always imagined and that’s pretty darn important! Let go of the past, stop thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow, and start enjoying the moment now, so that you have a better tomorrow, if you’re still here.

May you all find peace and love within you and with others.

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