Pay It Forward Event

OverProject copy 14

Hey Everyone!

So for the month of November we’ve decided to host an event called Pay it Forward!

The idea is to do something kind for someone then encourage them to pay it forward to someone else. We really want to spread some thankfulness and kindness this month and throughout the rest of the year.

Pay for someones coffee, lunch, hold the door, help with groceries, you name it. 

Join us ! I’ve attached a link where you can download the little Pay It Forward cards I’ve designed. You just need to print them double sided and then cut them out and pass them around. Place them in your local shops, encourage your children to participate, students in school, etc.  Here is the link! 

Use the hashtag #PayItForward #SpreadingThankfulness #HealingBrokenHeartsProject #HBHP and share with us your story and journey with this event ❤

Below you can see what the little cards look like! The PDF download of them can be found in the above link.

Thank you everyone for participating! xoxo

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