It’s All About the Levels

Ever wonder what the meaning of Happiness is in comparison to the meaning of Joy? Did you know that two words so commonly used to describe the same feeling are actually two different levels in reality? I didn’t, that is until I realized the conception for the month of October was the feeling of Joy. ( H.B.H Project).

The goal was to express ourselves in different approaches to the meaning of joy. Which brings me here, this blank page,now filled with words that you are reading. My Joy? Hopefully one day! The happiness I feel by helping people. Giving insight on the idea of multiple outcomes, and creating the choice of which path to take, gives me the courage to put out my feelings, my ideas and that light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine brighter. It’s all about the levels.

The other day, on TV, I heard that our life is like a game, it’s a map we need to figure out in order to find our worth, our value, and what we made of it before our last good bye. We make lists, we set goals, we give ourselves possibility and hope for something better, something greater than what or where we are now. We create levels, each story with obstacles in-between to test our strength and ambition we carry inside of us. Push ourselves to a limit just enough to reach a happier life or a new beginning to the next chapter.

We have to start at the bottom to get to the top and everything we go through in between are the mountains we climb in every which way to reach our life everlasting.

The levels we strive to achieve in our lives is a chance to be better, to live better, to love better, we want to be remembered and to look forward to the “I made it”, “I’m exactly where I want to be”.

Happiness is to love the life you’re living, Joy is to love the life you have lived.

We are all Human, which means we have imperfections, we make mistakes, we hit our lowest and we aim our highest, we get stuck and some may give up. But remember this, we always have a choice, there will always  be another way, our lives can be happy and we will find joy.

With that being said, it’s time to LEVEL UP!

–Article written by Andy E. for Healing Broken Hearts Project


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