Episode 6: Podcast: Missy’s Story


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In todays episode I get an opportunity to speak to the amazing Missy and we discuss her journey in life with depersonalization. We dive into her hardships, the challenges and frustrations with the current mental health field, and her dreams and goals of bringing a change to a current culture that doesn’t support the needs of mental health let alone those diagnosed and/or struggling with depersonalization, all forms of anxiety, depression, etc.

For those that do not know … Depersonalization is an anxiety-triggered feeling of being cut off from reality. It manifests in various ways but the most common symptoms are:

feeling as though you are in some sort of dream state, as though you or the people around you are not real, as though you have become detached from the world; as though you are watching your thoughts, feelings and physical self, from outside of yourself; as though you are not in control of your speech or your physical movements.**

So tune in and take a listen. Missy’s story is a beautiful example on how important community and/or family support are and how even through our struggles we can perservere


https://www.heysigmund.com/depersonalization-silent-epidemic-shaun-oconnor/?fbclid=IwAR08_hs8llEMLkEkoRh-JIJimgNyjO_LeEPteKSjtt8G_7BcD35wZX-pVWs  **(Also the resource of the definition of depersonalization above)



**Let us know your thoughts and thank you for listening!!


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