And so it begins… My Story

First there was a lot of worry about telling my story. Fear and worry of what others might think of me and my family but after talking to my parents about it, they reassured me that they supported me and my cause behind Healing Broken Hearts Project. What a relief haha. So with their support and James Lloyd Garnes cheering me on, I finally did it. Even though I kept stalling and tried to avoid doing this, I knew in my heart that in order to tell others stories, I had to be willing to tell my own. At least some of it.
I know talking to my dad and mom helped me tremendously because I didn’t want to disappoint them or share something that would make them look bad in any manner. Especially because even though our relationships were complex a decade ago, I didn’t want listeners to misunderstand that. Because both my mom and my dad are truly amazing and I am eternally grateful to have such a close relationship with them. They, along with my brother are my best friends ❤
I also wanted to mention that my story focuses on the hard times and does purposefully fail to mention the good times because during that time in my life it was difficult to see the good. Now as I look back I can see that even through the difficulties my parents provided in ways I never even realized. From my dad providing for me and walking me to school every single day up through high school to my moms thoughtfulness in everything she said and did. To my brothers consistent love. They each loved me and supported me in their own way. ❤ That and all my amazing best friends and their parents who took me in as their own adopted daughter and fed me. haha My extended family through my friends were also a huge part of my life and I couldn’t have done it without them either. So thank you! Thank you for being a part of raising me and just loving me throughout all seasons of my life. I don’t mention it in this snippet of my story but you all were a huge part of my life and brought and continue to bring so much joy, sunshine, and love.
Thank you Neil and DiDi and Neil , Barbara and Aj, Alyssa and Judith and Irene, Blerina, Katie, Kathy and John. Thanks for always treating me like family. And thanks to my own family for always sticking by my side even when things got a bit messy. I hope to make you all proud. ❤

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