Ugh what a day. From a rough day at work, to getting into a car accident after work to top off the night. We all go through our own struggles. Whether it’s current circumstances outside of our control or even in our control, struggles and difficulties from our past, from decisions made by others , or from the day to day shortcomings. We all have our rough and tough days BUT the most important thing to remember is that our responses to our struggles and rough days make a hell of a difference.

We have two choices to make when faced with adversity. We can either sulk, get upset, make matters worse, wallow, “insert negative reaction”, OR we can choose to do our best to brush it off, make the most of it, keep our head up, stay positive, and remember that our current adversities are just a moment in time and we CAN and WILL get through it.

“This too shall pass, bad things never last” I had a decision to make today. We all do, after every circumstance and adversity. Stay positive or focus on the negative. At the end of the day, it’s up to you ❤️ but I can say from experience that staying positive is much better than focusing on the negative.

#adversity #staypositive #negativity #keepyourheadup #onwardandupward

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