BE BOLD – the desire to help

Bear with me while I explain my thoughts on this video of an elephant inspiring a post about people.

**And just a quick warning that the video has some stomach clenching footage that not everyone can necessarily watch!**

Watching this video made me think about our day to day life and how day to day we come across people and/or animals that may need a helping hand. Whether it’s something minor like helping someone cross the street, pick up something a stranger dropped, or something bigger like feeding a stranger, bringing an abandoned animal to the vet, or during a rainstorm, handing a complete stranger an umbrella. Or even bigger like bringing someone to the hospital, performing CPR to someone you might not know, pulling over at the scene of an accident to make sure everyone is okay.

This video made me think about the millions of opportunities we have day in and day out to help. Now if you watched the video and were faced with a similar situation you’d probably think something along the lines of what I just thought. “This elephant is going to die” or “What the heck can I do about it, I know nothing about elephants let alone how to fix a wound THAT large”?!?!?! and we have those same thought processes about different moments in life.

During this thought process we go through a moment of PANIC! A WTF moment followed by a run away quickly so you don’t have to deal with it because you don’t know how to deal with it and don’t want to be inconvenienced.

And it got me thinking about how crucial it is for all of us to be bold in the act of helping other people or other animals. It’s crucial to get past that moment of fear, that moment of “am I going to do the right thing”, what if this and what if that. There is so much need in this world and as people we have the opportunity to make such a powerful impact.

I also believe by stepping out in faith; faith in God, faith in the universe, faith in karma, whatever faith means to you, I feel that we plug ourselves into this moment of learning, growing, loving, and stretching out far beyond what we could ever imagine. The people you’d meet, the experiences you would have, the things you would learn!

During my yoga class today, my wonderful instructor mentioned something that really stuck with me and it was letting go of the past and the present and being in the moment. Tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday has already passed. Now this doesn’t mean that you should do reckless things but I truly believe life’s perspective changes when you are no longer living within but make the decision to live beyond that. Make the decision to take in this very moment. To be bold enough to give construction workers some water in the middle of a heat wave. To pay for someones meal behind you. To help that ridiculously large turtle cross the street on your way home. Whatever that moment looks like to you, embrace it and go for it!

❤ Live Boldly – It truly makes a difference ❤

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