Embracing your weaknesses

Embrace your weaknesses 

Don’t try and be someone else 

Something important that finally clicked this week after so many years. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on bettering yourself but it does mean to love yourself flaws and all. A lot of our brokenness emerges from trying to be someone we aren’t, trying to please others, trying to fit into some perfect mold but the reality of life is that we will NEVER be perfect.

I had a conversation with my mom and was venting to her about a situation that had happened earlier this week and she gave me her mom look, that look that tells you you could have handled a situation a little differently. It made me upset because I felt I had handled the situation appropriately and she felt that I could have done better. That’s when it hit me. I was upset and told my mom that I felt she wasn’t listening to me but just looking for a solution to give me. That’s when it finally made sense. We are constantly surrounded by people who are buffing us out and trying to get rid of every single flaw we might have. But flaws are what make us beautiful and unique.

So today I want you all to embrace who you are. Embrace YOUR flaws.

I’ve decided to embrace that fact that I am passionate about things which can sometimes be interpreted as being emotional. I embrace my impulsiveness even though it causes me to say things without thinking. I embrace my inability to be patient when I want something right away and that my timing is horrible when I feel the need to talk about something the second it pops into my head. I can also be insecure. All these areas can be worked on and I will continue to work on them as much as I can but even though I have all these flaws I have a million other strengths as well.

Don’t try to be someone else. Just be yourself and it will take a load off of your shoulders. Love who YOU are and it will heal the brokenness you have from others.

There is a big relief that comes when you start being you and stop being who everyone else wants you to be.

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