Truth behind depression

Such a powerful video!

This video really hit home for me. Right now I’m still a bit speechless for a lot of reasons. I sat here trying to think of what to write and say but words just aren’t coming to mind. Instead I decided to post some responses to the video that I came across.

(All these responses are on the videos page on Facebook)

“”Ricky” is the guy next to you as you order your coffee, he’s the guy you may even have rolled your eyes at because he seems off or ordinary. He could even be that guy trying to fit in at work or at the gym. Point is, he could be anyone on any given day that you and/or I cross paths with.”

– Leila Alverado 


“You still aren’t seeing the whole picture… They’re both depressed. With the main character in every splice, it is obvious he is depressed. However, with Ricky it was not obvious, until it was too late. Some cases of depression are easy to detect, while other cases are not so easy. Which is the exact point that Buzzfeed is making through this video.”

 -Dalton Locke


“This tripped me. Woah, what a valuable video. The greatest of attitudes doesn’t mean total happiness all the time. We treat people all kinds of negative ways and we have no clue what they’re dealing with. We don’t care until they’re gone. That’s the scary part.”

-Trenton Scipio


This really hit home with me, I suffer from depression and have since I was a teen. All my friends and family knew me as the “happy” person, even now I’m the “good morning” and “good night” person at work and at home. No one knew until very recent that I not only struggle with depression, but a history of self harm as well. I cried and had to watch this a few times, I know from experience that people who really suffer put on that happy face because we don’t want to bring everyone else down with us, or because we don’t think anyone will understand or even care. It’s hard to reach people like us because we don’t want anyone to know we’re suffering, for whatever reason, we don’t want that attention

-Jasmine Thompson


“The sad part is that the signs -are- there, they’re just not the ones we’re looking for. Sometimes depression looks like the guy in the video, but sometimes it looks like Ricky and I’ll tell you why. The way people cope is different, as many already know. Ricky was trying to repress his depression and loneliness by brightening other people’s days so that they don’t have to feel the way he does. Greeting others was also his way of reaching out, of trying to get “attention” (not in a negative connotation), in hopes someone would smile back or say “hey, how was your weekend? Wanna meet up later this week?” But he didn’t receive it.”

– Danny Giraud

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